Top 13 Vegan Sandwich Fillers

If you’re vegan you’re probably used to those constant questions: “What do you eat?” or “Don’t you have to enjoy cooking to be vegan?” But at The Vegan Sphere we know that sometimes you just want a simple sandwich, thrown together in five minutes, ready to enjoy at the drop of the hat.

So, what can you fill it with?

Here’s a list of the quickest, easiest and yummiest sandwich fillers which will make you an office hit.

  1. Marmite, salad, vegan cheese
  2. Caramelised onion hummus, avocado, cucumber
  3. Whole Earth peanut butter + banana
  4. Mushrooms and melted vegan cheese
  5. Mango chutney, cucumber, spinach leaves
  6. Vegan chicken, chili sauce, salad, spring onion
  7. Biscoff biscuit butter + crushed almonds
  8. Marmite, avocado, cucumber
  9. Falafel, mango chutney, Spinach leaves
  10. Tomatoes, olives, smoked vegan cheese
  11. Whole Earth peanut butter and jam
  12. Hummus, cucumber, red peppers
  13. Vegan cheese spread, cress, spinach leaves

*Top sandwich buy:Sainsbury’s Pure Dairy Free Sunflower Spread (replaces any standard butter)


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