Vegan Takeaway: Your Friday Night Guide

As vegans, we are often saddled with the assumption that nothing short of health-perfection will pass our lips. As many of you might know, this isn’t always the case. Like every other person on a Friday night, sometimes we crave a takeaway. The problem that presents itself however is that with most takeaway restaurants, vegan options aren’t always highlighted in a convenient way. Below are a collection of dishes from our three favourite sources of takeout that might help you next time you’re having that Friday night feeling.

**Whilst we at the Vegan Sphere have checked the general recipes of these dishes, it is always worth asking your preferred takeout restaurant to double check, sneaky things like fish sauce and cream can often be forgotten about!


Chinese food is relatively safe for vegans because of the ability to replace the meat in many dishes with tofu. In terms of mains, sweet and sour tofu, Kung Pao tofu, tofu and broccoli, cashew tofu and orange tofu are all your friends. If tofu isn’t your thing, maybe try a vegetable chow mein or vegetable friend rice with some sides. Popular Chinese sides like vegetable spring rolls, vegetable dumplings and sesame noodles are all usually vegan-friendly!


Indian cuisine also usually has lots of surprises when it vegan_indian_food_348299737comes to vegan options. Although traditional favourites like korma and naan breads are off the table, there are plenty of other dishes you can try out. For starters, you can stick to popular favourites; poppadom, vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and onion bhajis are all vegan. For main, dishes that aren’t cream based are your best bet. That means vegetable curry, vindaloo, balti or biryani. If none of those tempt you, maybe try a collection of sides instead; Bombay potato, tarka daal, and saag aloo are all vegan!


5753189490_20949bd0b7_bThis is the one that is going to raise a few eyebrows. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live near a pizza restaurant that will top your pizza with vegan cheese, things do become a little restricted. That is not to say however, that pizza should be completely eradicated
from your diet. Trust us when we say, ordering a pizza without the cheese is 1) perfectly acceptable to do and 2) delicious.

Hopefully this little guide has helped you to feel a little more comfortable with your Friday night dinner, happy eating!

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