VEGAN Two For Tuesdays

Welcome to Two For Tuesday, and Domino’s made up day which allows us to dive into our favourite cuisine, guilt-free… I mean it’s an official day, isn’t it?

Some may argue that Vegans hold no place in Two For Tuesday. “How do you have a pizza without cheese” I hear echo from the outcries of people wiping dripping cheese from their mouths. But at The Vegan Sphere, we have you covered.

Vegan pizza doesn’t mean boring. If anything, it allows our creative senses to flourish and our taste buds to simmer with an array of different crusts and toppings available to pick from. If you’re not up for cooking and still want to indulge in what makes a dull Tuesday rather… un-dull, you can order your favourite pizza from Dominos without cheese! (read how you can enjoy your other top takeaways here!).

But if you’re looking to go that step beyond, here’s a list of all the Vegan Pizzas you might want to whip up this evening…

  1. White Zucchini PizzaBoard of courgetti? Want to put those packets of courgette to good use? Try this creamy pizza recipe for a white sauce filled pizza.
  2. Summer Corn and Tomato Vegan PizzaShort for time? Big fan of garlic? Try this yummy 30-minute pizza packed full of veggies.
  3. Tomato and Garlic PizzaSautéed vegetables? Vegan Parmesan Cheese? Yes Please! Try this easy recipe.
  4. Easy Pan pizza with Potato, Onion, and RosemaryWant to put your sack of potatoes to good use? Share this pizza with your group of friends this evening.
  5. Whole wheat pizza with Caramelised Onions, Figs and ArugulaNothing oozes flavour like caramelised onions, so why not smother it on a pizza? Try this recipe for a flavour enthused delight.

Enjoy – and here’s to yummy pizza!





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