Vegan lunch in London: Hummus Bros

Looking for somewhere Vegan friendly to eat out at the weekend? Look no further than The Hummus Bros.

Levantine cuisine meets western fast-food culture in this wholesome and healthy hummus based chain. Located on Exmouth Market in Islington, nestled amongst a multitude of foodie-enticing restaurants, Hummus Bros can be annoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike.


Featuring vegan options such as:

Eating out with a vegan doesn’t have to be a strictly vegan affair, as Hummus Bros also offer similar options with Lamb or Chicken for your non-vegan friends. Deliciously nutritious and aesthetically pleasing, Hummus Bros is the perfect place to head this weekend. Easily affordable and boasting both inside and outdoor seating, the restaurant is a hot-spot favoured by students. The chain also has restaurants in: Soho, Holborn and St.Pauls and offers delivery for those seeking the comfort of their sofas.


(Vegan Hummus Bowl with avocado, quinoa and sweet-potato falafel)



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