6 Snack Foods you probably didn’t realise were vegan.

If you’re a snack food junky, well then when we’re very much cut from the same cloth. In the list below are some of the UK’s favourite snacks, but you may not be aware that they are also suitable for vegans.




Believe it or not, the world’s favourite chocolate sandwich biscuit is suitable for vegans. That layer of cream in both the original and golden variety contains no actual milk. Which is actually a little worrying. The company do accept that the biscuits may come into cross-contact with non-vegan products during production which may be an issue for some of you.



Both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy the Original, BBQ sauce, Texas BBQ, Paprika and Smoky Bacon (promise) varieties of the popular crisps. I severely doubt any one has yet worked out how to look attractive whilst eating one though.



According to the experts over at isitvegan.com, Bagels are almost always suitable for vegans. The main exceptions to this include varieties that involve the use of cheese or are egg-washed. If buying from Supermarkets, it’s recommended you check the label.


Unfortunately, not all varieties of the popular sweets are suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of gelatine. However, in the Rainbow twists and Rainbow strips, gelatine is replaced by starch and both are therefore suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.

McVities Biscuits

McVitie's HobNobs Nobbly Oaty Biscuits
If, like me, you’re a fan of chocolate digestives, I’m afraid its bad news for you. They are not vegan, but the Fruit shortcakes, original Hobnobs, Gingernuts and Light Rich Teas are.


The previously offending ingredient carmine has been removed from the ‘rainbows’ ingredients in the UK. Internet warnings suggest that some old packets with Carmine may still remain on shelves but if the packaging is marked ‘suitable for vegetarians’ then it’s suitable for you vegans too.

Let us know your favourite snacks in the comments below.


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