Vegan comfort food

Sometimes the hardest thing about going vegan is leaving behind comfort food. Feelings and food are closely linked, and the idea of not being able to have a certain meal or snack anymore can put you off the whole idea of being a vegan. There are plenty of options out there for vegans to dine out or order take away, but sometimes nothing can replace a good home cooked meal.

Fear not! We at the Vegan Sphere all know the importance of comfort food, and we have compiled a list to help make vegan life that much easier. With so many possibilities out there, we hope that some of these recipes and ideas might end up being even more special to you than the ones they’re replacing.

Shepherds 5309115274_eb99f6b87a_bPie

This one is easy enough; there are plenty of options when it comes to vegan mince so simply replacing meat is a great alternative. If however, you’re up for trying a completely different spin on the comforting classic, look no further than this recipe from the Minimalist Baker. She uses lentils to fill her shepherds pie and your finished meal can be ready in under an hour!

Sausage and Mash

Once again with so many amazing vegan sausage options, this one is easy enough. What does present a problem is getting the same buttery mash you’re so used to without the use of dairy products. There are lots of ways around this. Lots of recipes use plant-based milk to achieve the perfect vegan mash. If you fancied even more of a change, Alexis from food blog Hummusapien, replaces potatoes with cauliflower for a twist on the classic.

Full English BreakfastFull_english_breakfast_with_veggie_sausages_cc_flickr_user_ewan_m

This is where things start to get tricky! There are plenty of vegan elements to a full English: hash browns, mushrooms, toast, beans and tomatoes are all suitable for vegans. It’s bacon, the ‘high profile’ ingredient can sometimes leave vegans feeling unsatisfied. Miriam over at Mouthwatering Vegan has some great instructions for making the perfect animal friendly breakfast. For other takes on bacon, check out The Edgy Veg’s rice paper recipe or No Meat Athlete’s bean bacon!

Yorkshire_PuddingYorkshire Pudding

The star of any roast dinner, the Yorkshire pudding is the ultimate in comfort food. Sure, you can buy ready made frozen ones and save yourself time and money, but making your own is a pretty core concept when it comes to comfort food. Vegan blog, Fat Gay Vegan has a great recipe, which uses an egg replacement. If egg replacements are hard to come by, try using aquafaba instead, as is used in recipes like this one.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring you more tried and tested cruelty free comfort food!


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