Why Should I Use Cruelty Free Beauty Products?

Do you ever think about what was on your face, when you apply makeup or any skincare products? Surprisingly many beauty brands use either ingredients that are not natural, and actually harmful for you (like parabens – a by-product of the crude oil industry).

And whether you’re vegan or not, you should be aware of the fact that many of the cosmetics products are still tested on animals. Even though the testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals has been banned in the UK a long time ago, and since 2013 the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals has also been banned across the EU, that doesn’t tell you the whole picture.

For example in China, it is mandatory for the products to be tested on animals before they can be sold. This means that the companies that are cruelty-free in other countries, like in the UK, but sell their products in the countries that demand animal testing, are not actually cruelty-free. They have turned their backs on their ethical policies to reach profit, at the expense of animals.

pablo (4)

Also in the US, each year more than 100 million animals are killed in the laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation and chemical drug, food and cosmetics testing.

It is important to not support these brands that are involved in animal testing, as there are alternative ways to do research on these products.

In the becoming weeks we will be posting our favourite cruelty free makeup products (drugstore and high-end) as well as makeup tutorials, using only cruelty free makeup!

Read more: Peta.co.uk


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